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If you are in need of special products or services for your pet, then please browse our site.  Feel free to bookmark us and share with others!   (Tips are given to assist you with your pet's special needs)

 ** The Pet Care Kit **

If You Truly Care For Your Pets - This Needs a Special Place In Your Home
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The story is real, and the ending is worth remembering .... We invite you to grab a copy of this sweet story to read to your own children (or let them read to you!). Pets are innocent lives - and all of us need to remember they deserve love and care at all times. click here

  The Items to the Right, are Recommended in Parvo Cases - Below are links  that will allow you to order the above in quantities with discounts. We wish your pet the best in recovery.
If pet is ill - advise:: START ASAP! every minute counts!

About Us

There are many stores, and services - but we will center on helping with specific needs for your pets.  Browse our pet section that directs you to the pet, and symptom of each pet.


Tips are freely given. No fees.  Many share their experiences and help you decide on what is familiar or possibly the best method of helping you with your particular pet.


NOTE****   This is to be taken as is.  It can be helpful for those who are seeking specific areas of advice. It does not replace any doctor or vet.  and for serious issues, a vet is always recommended.  Many times a vet is not available, and so this information may assist you and allow you to help your pet on the way to recovery, or just feel better with helpful hints given.  Never use this information as concrete.  With most pets, there are flexible circumstances that allow the owner to observe what has worked for others and their pets. We are hoping this will be a good experience for all involved, pet and owners.

We Welcome Your Comments or Tips:

Please feel free to leave comments or tips if you are experienced with dogs, cats, birds, rodents (rabbits are a specialty), reptiles, amphibians, and fish. We value affiliate products and share them for your benefit.  Learn your pet. Love and care for them always.

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